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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
Three Chimes

Marilyn Monroe had been married three times before her death. Her first marriage was in 1942 when she was just 16. She married a 21 year old man named James Dougherty.
Her second marriage was in 1954 to the most famous baseball player of the time, Joe DiMaggio.
Her third, and most tragic marriage was to famous playwright, Arthur Miller.

All of these marriages ended in divorce. The shortest marriage, to DiMaggio and the longest, to Miller.
On this page, you will see information on each of Marilyn's husbands. There will also be a picture from their wedding, and a picture of them together at a different point.

Jim Dougherty and Norma Jeane Wedding

Norma Jeane and Jim Dougherty were married in 1942. According to Jim's fabulous book, "To Norma Jeane With Love, Jimmie," he says that they were madly in love. Marilyn's autobiography, "My Story," claims it was a marriage of convenience, and that they never got along. I believe that she said this because she didn't want to look back at her days as Norma Jeane.
Jim went into the marines and Norma Jeane was sent to live with his parents. Jim's mother got Norma Jeane a job at Radio Plane, where she was allegedly 'discovered' by David Conover. After this, she divorced Jim; became a model; dyed her dark blonde hair golden; and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.
Norma Jeane and Jim were married for four years.

Monroe and DiMaggio on their wedding day

Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio married in 1954. Marilyn wore a beautiful brown suede suit with a white mink collar. They honey mooned in Japan. While they were on the plane, Marilyn was asked to entertain American Troops in Korea. She looked over at Joe, he smiled and said, "Go for it."
Marilyn walked out on stage while in Korea in a tight blue sequined dress in the freezing weather. She sang songs such as: "Do It Again" and "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." Although it was cold, Marilyn said that she never felt warmer or happier in her life.
Marilyn and Joe hardly ever got along. He wanted her to settle down and be a house wife, while she didn't want to give up stardom. She received a call to play the role of 'The Girl' is "The Seven Year Itch." While filming the infamous skirt-blowing scene, among the crowd of watching fans, stood an angry Joe.
They divorced shortly after this, but remained life-long friends. After Marilyn died, Joe had a fresh bouquet of roses delivered to her tomb every week.
Their marriage lasted for nine months.

Monroe and Miller on their wedding

Marilyn and Arthur Miller were married in 1956. Before he married her, he divorced his wife of 19 years. Marilyn was pregnant three times during their marriage. They all miscarried.
During this marriage, Marilyn started getting more and more into medication and alcohol. Many think it was because he made her miserable.
As a gift to Marilyn, Arthur wrote a script for her which would be her and her costar, Clark Gable's, last film. It was titled: "The Misfits." Gable died 11 days after the film finished and Marilyn, 1 year after.
Arthur Miller and Marilyn divorced in 1961, shortly after "The Misfits" was completed.
They had been married for four years...Arthur did not attend her funeral.


~Jim and Norma Jeane~

~Joe and Marilyn~

~Arthur and Marilyn~