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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
Site of the Month

This is what the August award looks like. The person with the most votes will win this!

There are many wonderful Marilyn Monroe websites to be found on the Internet ... So many fabulous sites, that it's hard to choose just one as your favorite!

This page is dedicated to those particular websites. Each month, I will have a poll with 10 different websites in it. You may vote for the one that you think should win the Site Of The Month Award from me. The night before a new month starts, I will view the stats of the poll, and the site with the most votes wins! To view the websites of the titles on this poll, please go to my Great Links Page. They are all there!

I will present them with an award and interview the lucky person. I will then place their interview on this page for people to view and enjoy! Each month, I will also have up a new award to win!

Please vote now, as the new month is inching closer and closer...

~Site of the Month Poll~
Who Should Win The Award For August?

Forever Marilyn
Goddess: Marilyn Monroe
The Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe Site!
Marilyn and the Camera
Marilyn Mania
More Than Just Our Marilyn Monroe
Scent of Marilyn
Simply Marilyn
Some Like It Marilyn
Something About Marilyn

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Congratulations to Eternally Marilyn!

Congratulations to Steff from Eternally Marilyn! Eternally Marilyn received the most votes for July in the poll. EM is both a fabulous website, and a fabulous fanclub! To become a member, like me, go to there site by clicking on the award.

Below, you will see the interview that Steff has completed and sent to me...Enjoy!

Q: When did you first become a Marilyn Monroe fan?
When I was 8 years old (15 years ago!), I saw Marilyn on television, in Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" video. I was completely mesmerized by her beauty, and I have loved her ever since. :-)

Q: What is your favorite Marilyn Monroe film?
That's a tough decision, but I would have to say "The Prince and the Showgirl". Marilyn's performance was great, and it's such a cute movie. :O)

Q: What is your favorite Marilyn Monroe book?
I have 3 favorites, "Milton's Marilyn", "The Marilyn Encyclopedia" and Marilyn's autobiography "My Story".

Q: What Marilyn Monroe book and movie would you recommend to a new Marilyn
"The Marilyn Encyclopedia" by Adam Victor, which is full of so much great info., and "The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe" by Donald Wolfe. As for a movie, I would recommend "Don't Bother to Knock" which displays Marilyn's amazing talent as a dramatic actress.

Q: If you could have been at Christie's Auction in 1999, what Marilyn item
would you have wanted to get most?
I want it all! lol But mostly I would have wanted the diamond eternity band given to her by Joe DiMaggio, or the "Happy Birthday" dress. :-)

Q: How do you feel about winning this award?
GREAT!! Thank you Anna! And everyone who voted for my site! I am so happy! :O)

Q: Besides Marilyn, what are your other interests?
Is there anything else?? LOL! I enjoy web/graphic design, dancing, and spending time with my friends. :-)

Previous Winners:

Congratulations, Brookie! (click on the award to visit her fabulous site)!