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Anna's Tribute To Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn's Photographers

Marilyn was known, not only by her movies, walk, and whispery voice, but also for her great chemistry with the camera. She went through tons of photographers in her lifetime. This page is dedicated to her most well known photographers. From young Norma Jeane photographer, Joe Jasgur, to Milton Greene, to her last photoshoot with George Barris.

There will be the names of her famous photographers, along with a picture that they took of her during their sessions. There will also be a poll to vote for your absolute favorite photographer...

Joeseph Jasgur:

(C) Joesph Jasgur!

Andre DeDienes:

(C) Shirley DeDienes!

Tom Kelly:

(C) Tom Kelly!

Bruno Bernard aka Bernard of Hollywood

(C) Bruno Bernard

Richard Avedon:

(C) Richard Avedon!

Milton Greene:

(C)Milton H Greene!

Eve Arnold:

(C)Eve Arnold!

Sam Shaw:

(C) Sam Shaw!

Douglas Kirkland:

(C) Douglas Kirkland!

Bert Stern:

(C) Bert Stern!

George Barris:

(C) George Barris!

Who Is You Favorite Norma Jeane/Marilyn Photographer?
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Please note that these are not the only photographers that Marilyn and/or Norma Jeane ever had. Below, you will find a list of the photographers that are not listed in the poll:

David Conover
Earl Leaf
Ed Feingersh
Cecil Beaton
Bill Burnside
Jack Cardiff
Phillippe Halsman
Inge Morath
Jock Carroll
Allan Grant
Lawrence Schiller

Photos on this page are all (C) by the photographer that took the certain picture.